26 novembre 2019
Digital Sovereignty and Boundaries of the Scope of National Rules: What Impact on Russian-Speaking Media abroad and expatriate Journalists?
Valéry Kossov

The development of digital technology and the absence of the borders of the Net raises the question of the scope of national legislation in many areas. The questions thus arise about the legal regime to which the media and expatriate journalists are subject. How is the law on Russian information applied in this case? What case law exists in this area? What other laws serve as the basis for prosecutions of the media and expatriate journalists? This communication is based on the the interviews with the journalists of the expatriate media located in Prague, Czech Republic. From this state of things, this paper questions the possible impact of the law on the autonomous Internet, adopted in the Duma. What are its objectives, its justification, its field of application, finally its place and its role for the concept of national sovereignty.

Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) Annual Conference, 22-26 novembre 2019, San Francisco.